Game Night

Ruby has always enjoyed playing games but I must admit that I have not always enjoyed playing them when they have no point. Candy Land, I’m looking at you! Luckily, we have found some games that we both enjoy playing and oh what a difference. (Mostly by way of suggestions and gifts from friends, so … More Game Night

Time to Fly

Nothing says adventure like a plane ride and we love adventure. How do you stay entertained while traveling on a plane? Our strategy is to pack our carry on full of more options than we think we will need and hope for the best. Ruby has her own backpack that we pack full of stuff … More Time to Fly

Felt Boards

Felt or Velcro boards give you the opportunity to add a quiet activity to the end of a shelf or a small chunk of wall. They are really easy to install and there are a variety of activities you can rotate through. You can make your own activities or buy pre-made ones, so your options … More Felt Boards

ABC, Sing with Me

Ruby has a love for the alphabet. She started asked “What’s that?”in regards to letters pretty young. I would answer and we would go about our day. I’m not really big on pushing academics but I am all about encouraging learning where ever her interests take us. I remember the day she found some letters … More ABC, Sing with Me