Mini Art Studio

Today I carved out a bit of space for a mini art studio and Ruby has been in creation mode all day long. Her art space has evolved over the years. I created her first intentional art space for her 2nd birthday.   My birthday gift to Ruby was loads of art supplies: markers, crayons, … More Mini Art Studio

Light and Shadow

One of our favorite before bed activities is playing with light and shadow. We have the perfect little bedside lamps from IKEA that are movable so we can cast light in whatever direction we please. Our play with light started in early toddlerhood when Ruby discovered light switches. You know what I am talking about! … More Light and Shadow

Game Night

Ruby has always enjoyed playing games but I must admit that I have not always enjoyed playing them when they have no point. Candy Land, I’m looking at you! Luckily, we have found some games that we both enjoy playing and oh what a difference. (Mostly by way of suggestions and gifts from friends, so … More Game Night