Michelle and Ruby

Living life around young children is an adventure. Sometimes those adventures are big vacations or  day trips but most of the time those adventures are small and can be found in your own backyard or at the kitchen table. This blog is full of ideas for adventures for young children that can be used in your home by moms, dads, babysitters, grandmas, aunts, uncles and so on. These ideas are also practical for child care settings, preschools, libraries and more. Amazing adventures can be big or small. It all depends on YOU! Let’s make every day an adventure.

If you like ideas of activities to do with your young child, this is the place for you. Sometimes we just need reminders of fun things to do. Sometimes we need step by step directions. Sometimes we just need a few visuals to motivate us out of a rut and into an adventure. We try to make every day an adventure and I bombard my Facebook friends with too many photos of our daily life. A friend suggested I start documenting our daily adventures with more information in a blog and I took her up on this idea.

The Adult: Michelle thinks a little adventure brightens each day. She got her blogging start when she took over her husband’s blog after he passed away. It is a raw look at grief. Michelle was a children’s librarian for 10 years and loved rockin’ out at story time, planning family programs and reading too many  books from the kids section.
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The Kiddo: Ruby loves adventure and often asks what our plans are for the day. If there are no set plans she tends to ponder and the phrase “I have a good idea” is often spoken. She is inquisitive. She loves to experiment and investigate. She is currently a huge fan of play doh, the alphabet, playing outside, cooking and “working on projects”, especially if they involve glue.

It is time for a little adventure. What is it going to be? Messy? Water-based? Outdoors? Indoors? With a group of friends? Simple? Complicated? It is completely up to you. The important thing is that you make every day an adventure.