Glow in the Dark Fun

Looking for a fun spring idea? A glow in the dark party might be just what you are looking for. We have hosted a glow in the dark egg hunt for the past several years and it has been a big hit. It is SUPER easy and the kids LOVE it. I count that as a win. There are a few fun items we have discovered over the years that can add to the glow fun.
Since our glow in the dark egg hunt coincides with Easter festivities, we tend to also decorate hard-boiled eggs at the same time. If you are having several families over, have them boil their eggs ahead of time to bring over. Be sure to cover your work surface. This does tend to be a teeny bit messy. I love to cover the table in white paper because I think it looks so pretty at the end with all of the unintentional drips and spills.

I think the table was beautiful at the end.

You could also use a flannel backed tablecloth that could be easily washed or a cheap disposable plastic tablecloth from the dollar store. We tend to stick with the most basic of egg decorating recipes but as you know, you can look on Pinterest and find more elaborate egg decorating ideas. We consume a lot of hard-boiled eggs so we always make plenty.

Lovely colors

Egg decorating tends to keep the little ones occupied long enough to finish dinner prep and make a game plan for hiding eggs while they are otherwise occupied.

We use regular plastic eggs for our egg hunt. I use finger lights which are available on Amazon. I purchase a new pack each year, just in case there are ones that do not work. It seems like each pack has one or two duds. This also means that we have been using some lights for a few years. The only down side to a glow in the dark egg hunt is that you do all of the work clicking the lights on in the eggs right before you hide them. We tend to have a few adults doing clicking the lights on and hiding the eggs while the other adults get the kids dinner and get them ready to go. I find low-key egg hunts with friends are so enjoyable.

Each kid has a pail, basket or bucket. We set them loose in the backyard to collect eggs. You will note that there are just lights in the eggs. Thus far we have not added candy, prizes or coins. They hunt for the eggs and the magic of them glowing in the dark provides enough fun. They have such a good time that we typically have to hide the eggs several times so the fun can continue.

Want to extend your glow in the dark egg hunt to a full on glow in the dark party? You can add any number of fun glow in the dark items. You can find a lot of different glow stick and glow wand options at your local dollar store or in the Dollar Spot at Target.  Our personal favorite glow item is glow in the dark balloons which can typically be found in the party section. Ruby was introduced to these as well as glow in the dark nail polish as a one of the best birthday gifts ever. You simply pull the tag to activate the glow stick inside the balloon and blow it up like normal. Turn the lights down and they are fun to bat around. Add some music and you have an instant glowing dance party full of balloons and glow sticks. Have your friends leave the eggs and finger lights behind for next time and they can take home a glow stick and glow balloon.

Glow balloons and glow sticks are also a fun addition bath time. Just turn the lights down low for a relaxing bath time.
Invite your friends over for a kid-friendly potluck dinner. Send the kids out to hunt for eggs. Do it again and again and again. Maybe enjoy 1/2 a conversation or two. Enjoy a fun evening. I know I am looking forward to it this year.


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