More Bath Time Fun

Our bath tonight inspired me to share a few fun ideas.

Tonight was a rainbow pool noodle bath. I would actually go to the store to buy these. They will be WAY cheaper. You can find them for super cheap at the end of the season. We had a random collection of noodles left over from the pool and ones that were used as light sabers. I took an old knife and sliced them into pieces a few inches in length. SUPER SIMPLE. Just add water. The pieces have been stacked, sorted by color, turned into houses, towers and cars. They have been colorful fingernails, hats and glasses. The possibilities are endless and the pieces can be used again. WIN!

These ball pit balls have been used for all sorts of things but bath time is probably their favorite use. Save the bag they come in. It comes in handy for storage.If you slice a pool noodle lengthwise, you get a fun track for the balls to roll down.


Our other favorite bath time toy as of late has been these pups from Paw Patrol. They are advertised as cupcake toppers. Dig around for whatever your kids are interested in and look at all of the options. You may find something that is a huge bath time hit. I must admit that these pups are a hit in and out of the tub.


Bath time is really full of endless possibilities. We do regular baths more than anytime else- just water and a few toys but that makes the fun bath times EXTRA special and fun. One cupboard by the tub is full of kid bath towels and things from my previous bath time blog post. Having everything stashed together and close at hand to the tub makes it super easy to have a spontaneous FUN BATH. It comes in really handy if bath time is being resisted. I give a choice of something like glow sticks or bubbles and suddenly we can’t wait for bath time. On days like today, We talked about a special bath earlier in the day. I put the pool noodles in the empty tub in the morning and there was excitement throughout the day over the fun bath waiting for her tonight.

I should probably try and coax the kiddo out of the tub and to bed.

What is your favorite FUN BATH?


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