Game Night

Ruby has always enjoyed playing games but I must admit that I have not always enjoyed playing them when they have no point. Candy Land, I’m looking at you! Luckily, we have found some games that we both enjoy playing and oh what a difference. (Mostly by way of suggestions and gifts from friends, so thank you.)

If you are looking for an easy to implement family tradition, game night is it. We like to get into our jammies, pop some popcorn, brew some tea, and pick out a few games.

Our game cupboard is full of all sorts of games. Lots of those games, we can play now and a few are for when she is a wee bit older.  I am sure we will have more game posts in the future. Here is a look at what we have played this week.

This is an awesome first game from Gamewright and I would pick it a thousand times over Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. This is a matching game where you draw cards and build snakes. If you are the player to complete the snake (head, body and tail), you “win” the snake. The player with the most snakes at the end of the game wins. The cards are thick and durable and the images are colorful. I just read the suggestion to buy two sets of cards so you can make even longer snakes. That sounds like a fun option as building long snakes was a fun part of the game.

Legend of Landlock
This is a game with illustrated tiles that I just enjoy looking at. The end product of the game is a lovely map to look over. This game can be played at different levels and can grow with your kids. It is also enjoyable to play with just adults, so it is win-win. You can start out simply by matching land to land and water to water which means really young kids can play. As they grow you can build in more complexity and start building islands or ponds. Eventually, you can score the game and introduce extra credit for discovering dragons and matching gnomes. Look at the used options on Amazon for a more affordable option.

Rivers, Roads and Rails
You definitely need a large playing surface for this game as it tends to sprawl. A large table or the floor would work nicely as a playing surface. This is essentially a complex matching game using three modes of transportation. Each card has to connect precisely to the next and the longer you play the more complex your map becomes. This game definitely takes us way longer than the 30 minute playing time that is suggested. This is one that can definitely be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Rivers, Roads and Rails sprawls across the table.

Shopkins Pop-n-Race Game
This game is essentially the game Trouble in Shopkins form. I admit to making this purchase through Amazon Prime Now when Ruby was sick and we needed something to keep us entertained while resting. It was a hit right off the bat as it is an easy game to understand and there is a popper to roll the die which is half of the fun. You need to roll a 6 to get a game piece out on the board. The idea is to get all of your pieces out and around the board and safely home before the other players. I like it because I remember playing Trouble as a kid.



Robot Turtles
This is another example of a game that grows with your kids. It is a coding game that has children writing code by playing cards and moving their robot turtle to the jewel treasure. The game has layers of complexity with ice walls, stone walls and crates as items to melt with a laser, move around or push.

Playing Robot Turtles this week.


Don’t Break the Ice
This is a simple game where you tap out one piece of ice at a time and try to keep the polar bear from falling through the ice. Typing that out just made me think about climate change. Poor polar bear! This is a quick game so it is easy to play a few rounds in one sitting. I found this (and other Hasbro games) at Target for under $10, so this price on Amazon seems really high. We have a handful of Hasbro games and I will admit to finding most of them boring but Don’t Break the Ice is one I don’t mind playing.

We have a decent collection of games and it continues to grow with our wish list. We definitely have favorites that we play often. We bought a few games before Ruby was even born even though we knew it would be a couple of years before we could start playing because the idea of game night was fun. We have received games as gifts. They are a great thing to ask for as gifts. Our collection also grew when we received Citrus Lane boxes (which no longer exist).

Behold, our game collection!

Games In Our Collection Not Mentioned Above

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Alphabet Go Fish
Eric Carle’s ABC Game
Sorting Socks a Matching and Memory Game
Rat-a-Tat Cat
Frog Juice
The Scrambled States of America Game
Into the Forest Food Chain Game
What Do You Know Bingo
Sequence for Kids
Roll and Play Board Game
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Left Center Right
Match Stacks Zoo Animals
Numbers Match Up Game & Puzzle
Counting Farm by Tree Hopper Toys exclusively for Citrus Lane
Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Food Game
Little Sappling Toys Wooden Matching Tiles


Do you love game night?

What are your favorite games?

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