Might As Well JUMP!

Kids seem to bounce through life with endless amounts of energy. Sometimes we need to look for ways to channel a little of that “bounce” and give our kids an outlet to jump. This post is going to focus on ways to bring on the bounce, especially inside the house.

Do you have a memory of jumping on your bed and being told to cut it out? I’m sure lots of us do. You can always allow your kids to jump on a bed if it is safe. Another option is to have a mattress on the floor of a play space or bedroom for jumping. We have had a mattress on the floor of the play room that was used as a cozy reading area as well as a place to jump. That mattress then got tucked under a bed in a bedroom when the play room was rearranged. It still gets pulled out. These days I get the request to sing or play Five Little Monkeys or I hear Ruby jumping and singing as she acts out the song.

2013-09-28 15.30.09
mattress on the floor

We have an old couch. It is SOOOOOOO OLD. It does however still have great springs for jumping. Cushions on, cushions off, it doesn’t matter. It has a good amount of bounce left in it. Jump on the couch! Jump on the cushions! JUMP! Oh yeah, and add a few somersaults for good measure.


Mini Trampoline
A mini trampoline is a great indoor bouncing activity for one or two little ones. We have gotten miles of bounces out of our mini trampoline. This has remained a fun activity in the play room the past couple years. As other things rotate, the trampoline has remained.

2015-02-27 20.00.40


Bounce House
We have a bounce house that we LOVE. It gets a lot of use in the backyard. We opted for this over a trampoline for several reasons. It is easy to set up and take down and is not a permanent addition to the backyard. It is portable and we can move it around easily or let friends borrow it. It can be rolled up and stored in the garage. It comes with a nice bag. We actually store our bounce house on top of our garage fridge.

Bounce House Outside

The number one reason we picked a bounce house over a big trampoline is that we can bring it inside when it is too hot outside during the desert summer. We push the furniture out of the way and set it up. It is the perfect because it feels REALLY SPECIAL to push things aside and roll out the bounce house. It is an awesome way to burn off some of that energy that comes with spending more time in the house because the weather outside isn’t conducive to long bursts of outdoor play. Let’s face it, jumping is lots of fun!

This is our third summer using it and it is still in great shape. It is an investment but when you think about using it outside, using it inside, using it for all of those birthday parties or play dates and other special occasions, you realize that it can be worthy of that upfront cost.

Bounce House Inside

Of course a regular Outdoor Trampoline is always an option as well.

There are lots of ways to bounce your energy out. What is your favorite way?

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