Messy Play Date

Every now and then, we like to invite lots of friends over and have a good time. We decided to have a messy day with our friends. Here are pictures of some of the activities we had set up. We will definitely do this again. Many of these ideas could be done on a smaller scale.

Rainbow Spaghetti
Rainbow spaghetti is an easy thing to make. Just boil water and add a good amount of food coloring. Once the water is boiling, drop in your spaghetti and cook like normal. We put the finished product in an inflatable kids pool but you could make a smaller amount to play with in a bowl at the table or in a water table or sensory bin.

Soap Foam
This is an easy way for some good clean fun. All it takes is a little grated bar of soap, food coloring and water. I grated a bar of soap with a cheese grater. I added a few drops of food coloring and a little water. I started whipping it with a mixer and added water by the tablespoon as needed. It was fluffy and foamy. We played with our soap foam in the water table.

Shaving Cream Slide
I have an entire blog post about shaving cream. It is a fun addition to a messy play date. We played with the shaving cream on our slide. I sprayed shaving cream on the slide itself. Kids slid down onto a tarp. They played with the shaving cream on the tarp as well. We had a hose nearby for easy clean up.



Finger Painting

I covered a table in paper and dropped blobs of finger paint in the center. Kids could just walk up and start painting.

2016-04-03 09.29.45

Mud/Dirt Digging Area

I sprayed our digging area down with water to make it muddy. To encourage digging, I hid some rocks that were painted gold to look like treasure as well as some shells. I also added a few chairs for the kids who didn’t want to sit right in the mud. This digging area was put together with supplies from Home Depot. The corner stones stack and the 2×4 boards just slide in.

2016-04-03 09.30.10

Messy Play Date Tips

  1. Put a baby gate across your door to help control who goes in the house. This will help control the mess and keep it outside.
  2. If you are hosting a play date with really little kids, put a little potty outside to help keep the mess from being tracked through the house.
  3. Put a bucket of supplies outside in case anyone forgets something: sunscreen, baby wipes, old towels, and anything else people might need. It is also a good idea to have some beverages and snacks outside and within easy reach. This will save the possibility of tracking the mess inside.
  4. Invite your friends to bring over a messy activity to contribute to the fun. That way you are not responsible for all of the mess creation. We had friends contribute shaving cream, baby wipes, used coffee grounds for an additional messy digging area, as well as little toys frozen in water and jello. You can also have friends contribute snacks and beverages.
  5. Have some fun yourself. Get messy. Laugh. Enjoy the sunshine.

What kind of messy play is your favorite?

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