Ruby’s Favorite Reads

When you are the daughter of a former children’s librarian, a few things in life are true:
1. Your mom had lots of picture books before you were even born, many of them autographed by some of her favorite authors and illustrators. She keeps her favorites on a high shelf.
2. Your mom will continue to add books to your collection because it is hard to resist a great book. Your mom will also have a hard time saying no when you find a book that you really MUST OWN.
3. It is unclear who enjoys reading more.

We have books in every room of the house. They are in baskets or on shelves. We take time to read whenever the mood strikes. Our books are low and easily accessible by little hands. Sometimes we consume lots of books in one day and sometimes few to none. It all balances out.

That’s Not My Dinosaur by Fiona Watt

Andy read aloud to Ruby in utero each night and we never stopped. I read aloud to Ruby a lot but she also enjoys looking at the illustrations in books and retelling her favorite stories. She also will retell stories with her toys, so she will have toys and books out at the same time as she plays.


Ruby is matching her Paw Patrol toys to the characters on the back of the book. She likes to look at the stories and act them out with her toys.

Ruby’s FAVORITE reads at this moment are: 

Favorite books shift around a lot over here. If you ask me next week, I will likely have a different list. Crepes by Suzette has been on the list for months however. Welcome Precious has also been on the list for a good chunk of time as well.
Crepes by Suzette by Monica Wellington
Paw Patrol Step Into Reading Set by Jennifer Liberts
Press Here by Here Tullet
Welcome Precious by Nikki Grimes
It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr

Rad American Women A to Z

We love to curl up with a good book and we have created cozy reading spots around the house. For us, reading is closeness. It is snuggles. It is time to relax and recharge. How can I say no? We tend to read every night at bedtime. I can feel Ruby relax more and more as we read book after book. Bedtime tends to be when she requests her favorite and most familiar stories. I keep at least two shelves of picture books by the bed. One shelf is full of favorites and the other is full of stories we have not read as much but could become favorites. The shelves currently hold all of our Todd Parr books. Ruby loves the colorful illustrations and the stories are reassuring. You will often hear Ruby saying “It’s Okay” to many situations. If I spill something she will say “It’s okay, mama. Sometimes we spill. We can clean it up. It’s okay.” Thanks, Todd!  The bedtime shelf also contains all of our books on the moon, the planets and space in general because it is a topic Ruby is very interested in. Sometimes she picks all space books and we binge read about planets. There are tons of great nonfiction kids books that make for awesome read alouds. It is great to follow your little ones lead and find books on things they are interested in. A year or so ago, we were reading tons of books on animals.

Here is what we read tonight:

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon
If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff
8 Spinning Planets by Brian James
It’s Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr


My First Superman Book by David Bar Katz
The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton

Ruby likes to share stories with her baby doll friends. When I see these pictures, I see so much more than Ruby holding a book. I see all of the things she has learned about reading thus far like how to hold a book, the fact that we read from left to right in English, that the pictures give us clues as to what is happening in the stories, and that reading is a great thing to share with a friend. There are so many things children are learning as we share books with them.


Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

She will even wrangle the dog into listening to a story. “Reading” upside down just like a children’s librarian makes me chuckle. Besides the dog, she will sit with her friends and look at books and she will also happily sit with any house guests willing to read to her. She will bring them book after book after book.

Some days I like to stack up all of the books we read throughout the day just to see what it looks like at the end of the night. 

A few books from the stack in the above photo:

Way Out In The Desert by TJ Marsh
Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli
Global Baby Girls by The Global Fund For Children
Alice in Wonderland by Jennifer Adams
Dracula by Jennifer Adams
Nerdy Numbers by Andrew Spear
If You Can, We Can by Beth Shoshan
Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton – We absolutely LOVE Sandra Boynton and own a ridiculous number of her books. We actually own the board book version of this and the ebook version. The narrator does an awesome job reading this story.
Pantone Colors by Pantone
Star Wars Colors by Scholastic

Where to find books:
Your library is full of tons of great picture books. I am sure it is also full of awesome librarians who can suggest books if you don’t know what you are looking for. Sometimes you stumble on the best books by simply browsing and grabbing 10 new books to take home and then doing the same thing the following week.

If you are looking to buy books to add to your home collection, check out library used book sales, used book stores, regular book stores often have a used section, scholastic book fairs. and garage sales. Of course, Amazon and other online book stores are a great source for new books as well.

In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak
Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola

Maybe I will have to share MY favorites next time.

What are the most popular books in your house right now?

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