Pancake Adventures

Spending time in the kitchen is always an adventure. Ruby has been helping in the kitchen since she was around 14 months old. That is when we purchased a Learning Tower. This gave Ruby a safe place to stand at counter level in the kitchen.  She has been happily helping in the kitchen ever since. It has been used every single day for the past two and a half years. We have collected some kitchen tools over time that we love. We will share them as we share our kitchen adventures. Pancakes are a favorite.

It is Saturday. We usually get up and make breakfast while listening to music before heading out to swim class. Pancakes are a special tradition in our house. Ruby has spent the past two years practicing her pancake making and slowly taking over various parts of process.

Today we slept in later than usual. (Thank you black out curtains) We got a later start than usual. Ruby worked hard in swim class, earned a ribbon for all of that hard work and was ready to chow down afterwards. Her request was “Rainbow Ruby Pancakes”. How could I say no? We went home and pulled together what we needed. Ruby called out “We need food coloring so we can make choices.” followed by “We need a spatula!” and “Oh, I need an apron!” The apron she is wearing is from the Target clearance section from 2.5 years ago. He dad could not resist the purchase. You can find lots of cute aprons on Amazon. Soon enough we were all set up and the pancake preparation began. he has been making pancakes for a long time and can pretty much do each step on her own or with a little help.


Mix up a basic pancake mix in a large bowl. To be honest, we used a box mix. You can find tons of recipes with a simple google search or maybe you have an awesome family recipe already.

Add a bit of food coloring to a smaller bowl. We have experimented with every type of food coloring: regular liquid food coloring, gel food coloring, and natural food coloring. We keep a stash in a glass jar in the pantry for things like this and for making play dough. The natural food coloring is best stored in the refrigerator. I always have Ruby count how many drops of food coloring she is using. Today she used 5 drops in each dish.

Scoop some of your pancake batter into the bowl with the food coloring.


Mix together the food coloring and batter.


Now you can either make regular circle rainbow pancakes, like we did here a few months ago or you can pour the batter into a pancake pen to make fun designs.


These pancakes were made using natural food coloring.
Pouring batter into the pancake pen.

We prefer to cook our pancakes on an electric griddle, but you can use a pan on the stovetop as well. Pour the pancake batter onto a hot griddle. When the sides start to bubble flip it. We love using a large pancake spatula, especially for design filled pancakes.


While the pancakes finish cooking, wipe up your work area.


Once both sides are cooked, remove the pancakes from the griddle.


Here are our finished pancakes!


Here is the mess we created in the sink. Not too bad!


Pancakes have been a great first meal for Ruby to work on making. She has a few other favorites that we will be sharing. While cooking with a young child takes a bit longer, it is a lot of fun to watch them develop new skills and it is wonderful to see them so proud of what they made. Ruby tends to gobble up anything she cooks herself.

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