Sick Kit Preparation

When you have little kids, you are bound to come across germs and get sick. I like to be prepared when we want to keep our germs to ourselves and stay home but also need to keep the adventures rolling.

sometimes adventures take place on the couch followed by a nap

I stay prepared with what I call a Sick Kit. I have a bin full of everything I think may come in handy when sick. I keep it stored on a high shelf in the closet next to our extra sheets and a few old towels. The bin itself can turn into a puke bucket if needed or you can designate a separate bin. There are three categories of items I stash away. The first is the stuff I use when Ruby is sick like medicine and tissues and the thermometer. The second is stuff to keep the adventures rolling when I need to fight boredom as time is spent lounging in bed or on the couch. Having special activities and little toys tucked away makes them more special when you pull them out and need to get at least a few minutes of quiet play. The third is food related stuff to keep us going.

Sick Kit Potential Contents

sick kit spills onto the night stand- don’t forget something to sanitize everything -look at that ipad screen!


Not only do you need items to help with the actual sickness, you need things to try and keep your little one entertained while resting. We watch lots of Netflix and YouTube Kids while sick and play games on the iPad as well. I keep a few things tucked away and they come out to make chilling on the couch or in bed more tolerable. Here are some of the our tried and true activities that we have used.

The Sick Entertainment Kit Contents

Water Wow on the Couch

Play Foam in Bed
  • Basket of Randomness- I keep a basket of random toys- you know, the stuff you get from the dentist’s office or the things you get in birthday goody bags or toys from kids meals. All of these items are tucked away in a basket and pulled out when I need a few minutes of Ruby staying put and being interested in something. Since it isn’t out all the time, everything is fascinating and she will spend 15 minutes just looking at each item.

We always try and stick with the B.R.A.T. type diet of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast after a vomiting incident. I keep a stash of food tucked away just for sickness. That way I know we always have some things on hand because no one wants to you strolling into the grocery store spreading germs. I try to keep a box of frozen rice that only takes three minutes to microwave in the freezer. Stash away whatever works for your family. Ruby was never a fan of Pedialyte or any homemade drinks but she will suck down a Gatorade like it is going out of style. It works great for us. I also stash some food for myself so it is in easy reach of the bedside if needed.

The Snack Kit Contents

  • Applesauce Pouches
  • Saltine Crackers- This may be a bit of a throw back to my own childhood but they are a must have in our kit. I just saw at the store that they now have Saltine Goldfish Crackers. Once we use up our regular saltines, we may have to add these to our kit because they are fun.
  • Gatorade– These are great as a drink today hydrated as well as great for making popsicles.
  • Caffeine for myself- I’m not going to lie. There is a Red Bull tucked away in our sick kit because mama sometimes needs an extra kick to keep going when I have been up all night with a sick kid and there is no end in sight.
  • Granola Bars– These are also for me to have something within arms reach to eat that is quick and easy.
Gatorade Popsicle

The great thing about sickness in 2016 (if you live in a big city) is that you have many more resources at your fingertips than in years past. I have been very grateful for Amazon Prime Now and things like PostMates to see me through long stretches of sickness when the family falls to sickness like dominoes, one after the other. I have also been super thankful for awesome friends leaving smoothies and soup on our doorstep. It makes getting through sickness a lot easier.

What do you do to plan ahead for sickness? What are your favorite activities for the bed or couch?


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