Books Around the House: Kitchen

We have books in every room of our house. As a former children’s librarian, I love children’s books and I love reading children’s books but I also know that having a house full of books leads to academic achievement. Ruby has books all around the house and I do as well.  We read everywhere. I will share some of our favorite books that we keep stashed in the kitchen, play room, bathroom, bedrooms and even in the car.

Today we will look at what we have in the kitchen.

Here is our kitchen stash of books minus the books Ruby is currently reading.                            It doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Ruby’s Pizza Books

It is family tradition to order a pizza and read all of our pizza books while we wait for the pizza to be delivered. My personal favorites are Hi Pizza Man and Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza. I don’t think Ruby could pick a favorite. We usually make it through all of them while we wait. We keep all of these books tucked away together with our cookbooks and other kitchen books. They are extra special because we only pull them down when we order pizza.
Hi Pizza Man by Virginia Walter
hi pizza man
This is a favorite of mine because anyone who has ever ordered a pizza can relate: It is HARD to wait for the pizza to arrive. This is a fun story that explores what you will say when you open the door for the pizza man. What if it wasn’t a pizza man? What if it was a pizza dinosaur? The text is repetitive and predictable so kids catch on quickly and can help “read” the story.

Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philemon Sturges
You may be familiar with the story of the Little Red Hen but in this version she is making a pizza and asks her friends for help. This is another story with repetition of phrase and kids can “read” along with you. I happen to love cut-paper illustrations so I happen to love the illustrations in this story.

Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig
petes a pizza
This book is perfect for acting out. You can pretend to be the grandpa and your child is Pete. You get to make Pete into a pizza. There are bound to be lots of giggles as you knead the dough.

Pizza at Sally’s by Monica Wellington
pizza at sallys
This is a fun story that includes a recipe at the end. It is one of the reasons I love Monica Wellington’s books. They have great recipes to try. This is also a great story to start the discussion of where the ingredients for our food come from.

Pizza Pat by Rita Golden Gelman
This story is based on the poem The House That Jack Built and is a cumulative tale about making a pizza starting with floppy dough and continuing with gloppy tomatoes and sloppy sausages and finishing with some little mice sneaking off with the tasty creation.

Pizza Play


We will also play with our felt pizza set from Melissa and Doug. Ruby will take my order and go and make my pizza and deliver it. We have had this set for two years and it has held up well to a lot of play and a lot of play dates.

Pizza Themed Toys
Felt Pizza Set
Pizza Seasoning Set
Wooden Pizza Set

Ruby’s Pancake Books
We also have a few pancake books. We read these before we make pancakes for a little extra fun. We usually only read one and get right to the business of making pancakes.

If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff
If you give a pig a pancake, she’ll want some syrup to go with it, and so the story begins. There are so many other option in the If You Give A _____ series.

Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle
pancakes pancakes
I love Eric Carle books. I love the illustrations and the stories so this was a must have for our collection.

Pancakes for Supper by Anne Isaacs
pancakes for supper
I got this book at a library conference. The story is inspired by The Story of Little Black Sambo transformed into an American Tall Tale. The illustrations are fun to look at and lead to lots of conversation while reading.

Family Keepsake Book
We also have a family recipe book that I made on Shutterfly. I included recipes that we make as a family as well as pictures and little stories to go with the recipes. I paid extra for the more durable pages that lay flat since we use it a lot and it is around ingredients.

I will also pull other books into our kitchen collection if it pertains to something we are doing a lot in the kitchen. For example, when we are harvesting pumpkins, I may grab all of our pumpkin books so we can read before we start or so we can refer to them while we work or to help us pass the time while something bakes. We don’t keep a ton of books in the kitchen, we just keep the special and helpful ones.

Do you keep booking around the house? How do you store them? What books are in your kitchen?

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