Rub a Dub Dub: Having Fun in the Tub

Ruby loves the bath time but sometimes it takes a little encouragement to get her to hop in the tub or shower. Here are a few ideas that have made taking a bath or shower more entertaining.

Bath Tub Paint
There are loads of options with bath tub paint. You can buy some. Target sells bath paint in their dollar section. Amazon sells bath tub paint and bath tub crayons. Ruby has especially liked the crayons. I like this one because it is one piece to fish out of the tub at the end of the night. You can also make your own bath paint. I mention one recipe in this blog post. I keep a “clean up wash cloth” by the tub to wipe the tub down as it drains. I have made the mistake of being “lazy mom” and not doing this and when I do attempt to clean it off from our tub it has been ten times harder once it dries and hardens. I learned my lesson after the third or fourth time (lol) and now wipe it off when wet and when there is plenty of water in the tub to help me out.

Glow Sticks 
Glow Sticks are by far the biggest bath tub hit in our house. Glow sticks mean bath time lasts and lasts and lasts. That is why we don’t mess around and just buy the 100-pack. They come in handy for baths but also for going to parades at night-time and bed time glow in the dark fun.

Water Color Tablets
Water color tablets are lots of fun. A little goes a long way, so even though your little one may want 10 tablets because they are so much fun, you only need one or two depending on what color you want.

I try to rotate a few bath tub toys to keep things interesting. (I do the same in the play room but that is for another post) This way bath time clean up isn’t overwhelming and the items actually get played with. I just keep a few items out and the rest are tucked away under the sink. The items that are always out and used are our Green Toys bath toys. I use the Tug Boat for rinsing hair in the tub. The Helicopter, Submarine, and Plane also get a lot of use. They are really durable, wash up nicely and are great toys to toss into the pool in the summer.
I also save any random plastic toys that we come across as prizes if I think they will make bath time toys.
I keep these silly face bath stickers ready to go because they always spark lots of bath time giggles. There are all sorts of face combinations.


We are a book loving family and have books in every room of the house. (Another blog idea!) Bath time can get even more fun with a bath tub book or two. We love Barnyard Bath by Sandra Boynton. It is a fun read and you get to wash all of the characters along the way. There are lots of other bath tub type books to choose from.

Shower Instead
Sometimes a bath does not sound fun at all but a shower does. We roll with it. Bath tub stuff easily becomes fun shower stuff.  We have a little toy holder in each area so we can store a few toys in each place. One is a whale and the other looks like a sting ray to me.
We also have a whale spout cover that I think is super cute. Really, I just want the floor of the shower to be semi-clear so I don’t biff it while attempting my super fast 3 minute “mom shower”. I don’t need any help being clumsy.

Basically, I try to avoid getting in a bath time rut so that this part of our day can run as smoothly as possible. A little organization and preparation ahead of time helps keep our adventure positive.

Do you have a favorite bath time toy or activity?


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