Shaving Cream Sensory Play

Sometimes adventures are a bit messy. Shaving cream is wonderful messy play that is inexpensive and can be explored in a variety of ways. All you need is a can of shaving cream and a place to play.

Shaving Cream in the Sensory Table
If you have a sensory table or bin, all it takes is a can or two of shaving cream to start the good time. That is all you need to let the exploration begin. I let Ruby know that shaving cream was not food and it tasted yucky. She was a bit hesitant at first and started with putting just her fingers in. I added paint brushes and she slowly started painting her hands and eventually asked if she could paint her body.

Shaving Cream on the Table
If you do not have a sensory bin or extra container to use, you can put shaving cream on the table for sensory play. If you have a nice table, I highly suggest putting a plastic table cloth down to protect your table. I however have a table that is over a decade old with a finish that is begging to be redone, so we just squirt the shaving cream directly on the table. This is also a great thing to do on a patio table that can simply be hosed off when the activity is finished.

If you smear the shaving cream across the table in a thin layer it is fun to use your finger to write or draw pictures.

Small Mess: Shaving Cream at Bath Time

If you want to contain the shaving cream mess or you want to ease your way into messy play, the bath tub is the perfect place to start. Simply grab a container to hold your shaving cream paint. We used a muffin tin so we could have multiple colors. Squirt in a little shaving cream and add a few drops of food coloring. Mix them together and VOILA you have your very own 2-ingredient, bath tub paint. You can use paint brushes or your fingers. The great thing is that you can clean everything off with the tub water as you drain the tub.

shaving cream paint

Big Mess: Shaving Cream on the Slide
If you want to go whole hog messy when it comes to shaving cream, grab a play slide and a tarp and several cans of shaving cream and go to town. We spread the tarp out in the grass and put the slide on top. We then emptied a few cans of shaving cream on the slide and at the bottom and let the kids have fun. The great thing is that it is just as fun to play in the shaving cream at the bottom of the slide as it is to slide down.
This is a great activity to do with a few friends. That way you can each bring a few cans of shaving cream to share the expense and you have multiple adults to help with clean up of the slide and tarp as well as the kiddos. Clean up for this big mess is actually pretty easy. You can simply spray everything off with your garden hose, including the kids.

Warning: The tarp gets slippery to walk on with shaving cream feet so we helped the littles navigate their way off the tarp.

Additions to Shaving Cream Play:

Plastic Dinosaurs
Paint Brushes
Squirt Bottles– fill with regular water or colored water

What is your favorite activity to do with shaving cream? What adventures are you planning?



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